Order to delivery

The optimal solution for your needs.

What we like the most is to be involved in creating and/or refining design ideas to achieve best performance as well as finding cost effective production processes for each product in an ultra-modern logistics flow. Andrénplast offers services ranging from development to logistical solutions where EDI is an important part.
Production capacity.

  • From sizes smaller than the palm of a hand up to 3.0 x 2.2 x 1.1 m.
  • Totally 10 (+10) production lines.
  • More than 3500 PN in regular production.

A close relationship with our sister company Autoform gives us an increased production capacity and flexibility.
CNC-cutting and assembly.

  • Nine 5-axis CNC milling machines for precision, quality and speed.
  • Five 6-axis milling robots.
  • Five 6-axis robots for gluing an ultrasonic welding.

Assembly and logistics.

  • Five independent production teams.
  • 3D Based (POKA YOKE) fixtures for assembling of parts and systems.
  • Assembling of both in-house and out sourced/external produced articles.
  • Offers logistical solutions where EDI is an important part.